About Us

E NEWS KARNATAKA Karnataka, is first infotainment channel in Kannada which will have pan-Karnataka presence. It will cater to the needs of 6 cr people living in Karnataka without any discrimination of caste and creed, religion and region.

E NEWS KARNATAKA Karnataka, once launched in July will be the lone representative of all walks of life. From common man to Adani’s, from street vendor to Infy Murthy, from cart vegetable seller to Reliance the channel will cover events of all the people.

E NEWS KARNATAKA is a new infotainment channel that provides the Urbane and rural viewers the complete picture of the news that is relevant, presented in a vivid and insightful manner, which enables them to widen their horizons & stay ahead. When it comes to entertainment, you never imagine our creativity, Hence rest is assured.

E NEWS KARNATAKA is brought to you by Invite’s Media, Bangalore. We operate with presence in all over Karnataka and Mumbai.

E NEWS KARNATAKA is available across all platforms in Karnataka and Mumbai viz. Analog & Digital Cable. The Channel can be viewed LIVE across the globe on www.jtvkarnataka.com with a Broadband connection.

E NEWS KARNATAKA, a 24 hour Kannada infotainment television channel will soon beam into your living rooms and transform Kannada television with it’s offering of shows, news, music and much more !
Channel surfing will soon be a thing of the past, with an array of shows on E NEWS KARNATAKA that will not just entertain, but become a constant conversation with your life and times.

E NEWS KARNATAKA is our commitment to redefining and providing world class entertainment to Kannadigas the world over. Entertainment that reflects the Karnataka of yester years, of today and brings home the promise of tomorrow. It blows a wave of freshness.

Entertainment that stirs your imagination and curiosity and inspires positivity and engagement with our world and it’s issues. Formats that will take us on a path of rediscovery of our own mother land anew. This discovery will perennially seek answers to many of the questions that daunt modern life , our vision intrinsically guided by social , spiritual, traditional and psychological transformation for a better mankind.

E NEWS KARNATAKA is an amalgamation of several life concepts. An expression of our contemporary world and it’s joys and dilemmas. Of many that are age old, yet relevant to the world we live in today. The stories we tell are of people that you will meet in your world and daily life, their attitudes and perspectives in a tone and tenor that you will recognise and identify with.

Say goodbye to negativity, to the portrayal of regressive values and characters from an era bygone. Welcome all that is real, strong, intuitive and compassionate. The formats we are creating will engage, inspire and delight. The young , mature and the elderly….every generation will find it’s voice here. We are going to be an indelible part of your life in the very near future.

Say Hello to a new world and values that inspire ! Your life will soon have a new essence…it goes by the name E NEWS KARNATAKA !

The need for an infotainment channel is so great that viewers need an break from all other contents :- repeated news throughout the day, meaningless reality shows, lagging serials whole year , boring n wisdomless talk-shows and every thing.

We don’t believe in reality shows, but in real shows. We showcase our culture, tradition, festivals and religion which cuts across all barriers of urban and rural divide or rich and poor difference or elder and children gap. We provide you clean entertainment.
In simple, you will enjoy watching E NEWS KARNATAKA with your complete family.

Simple stated, we believe in delivering results. We are not talkers, we are doers. We believe in listening to your needs, your aspirations, your plans, and we put in great efforts to understand the lay of the land, the market, the people we are talking to… and then come out with solutions that work, solutions like we said, that deliver results.

We also believe in a strong work culture.
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